At our artistic workshop, we produce by commission ceramic tiles, from a single plate to facades which are exclusive collection pieces.   Although our activity is basically craftsmanship, we have developed a manufacturing process that ensures the desire results at every stage. The pieces are bake at 980º given its exceptional quality characteristic that can be appreciated in the pieces shown at the Ceramic Mural Catalogue. Works of great durability and beauty in their imperishable outline and colours making it an element of endless possibilities. The tile works can be use in interior and outdoor designs. We basically use the Dry String (Cord) technique with oxide colorants on the surface; without any limits in size.   If you want a mural do contact us for a budget (with out obligation). It is always a pleasure to share with our clients, day by day, the multiple decorative options that our tiles offer. The freedom of choice regarding size, style or technique is evident in our versatility: RESTORATION AND REPLAMENT WORK, CERAMIC PLATES, MIRRORS, CLOCKS, TABLES, MAIL BOXES, DECORATIVE MURALS, CERAMIC SIGNS, REPRODUCTIONS FACADES….   Do not hesitate to visit our Ceramic Catalogue where you can appreciate our craftsmanship. Our Workshop specializes in tiles and plates, not pottery.   If you cannot find a mural with the desire characteristics, contact us. Our work is personalized, exclusive and original. All our tiles are hand painted. At the end of Decorative Murals, ceramic signs, religious Images, Sections, you can find comparative photographs of the original design and the finish product. At our Special Offers Section, you will find works at a reduce price, pack to be dispatch on short notice.