What we offer

Covering several styles and size, we are offering in our Tiles Catalogue some of the most significant work, curiously Tiles are call MOSAICS in Malaga. One and all murals shown represent a traditional handmade product that can be integrated into interior and outdoors designs. A key beauty element, use in some of the main cultures for centuries. The magic of fire fuses (merges) design with the elements, placing into our hands a wide range of decoration solutions.   At the workshop we are involve in a constant investigation process, so are clients can find enamel colour tiles to suit their taste and needs in personalize enamel murals. Decorative murals                                                  Ceramic Tiles Restoration works                                                  Ceramic Facades Religious Images and Retablos (altar pieces)  Ceramic Plates Tiles                                                                          Skirting Boards (Friezes) Mirrors Personalize Ceramic Mail Boxes At the end of the Decorative Mural Section, Ceramic Signs, Religious Images, you can see comparative photographs of sketches or initial designs and the finish product.